Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Jyotiraditya being Naughty

Jyotiraditya or Bablu, as we call him at home is growing up to be a handful. He is naughty and he is an angel. We love him a lot. Here are some pictures of his recent antics. Mamli, my daughter, gave him a crayon and a piece of paper because he was crying. The little tyke went and drew all over the dinning room floor. We had a really tough time getting the crayon marks off.

Bablu in a naughty mood

Jyotiraditya in a naughty mood. "I have a crayon!!! And the walls look lovely"

The floor was better...

The floor was better than the wall. Look at those cute curves...

Real Cool, eh? Ya Right...

"Real cool, eh? Ya right." First time I had to rub crayon marks from a concrete floor. Ya right...

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Sunday afternoon. One of those lazy, summer weekends when clothes are better off than on :-)

Bablu with Mom

Jyotiraditya with mom, Padmaja.

Bablu with Dad at Runway 9

With dad at Runway 9.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Flying Kites (Sankranti 2005)

On Sankranti this year we had a get together at Mathew's place in Secunderabad. Ravi, Vatshala, Padmaja, I along with Mathew and Nivedita. We had a good time in the late morning, then we went to buy kites and all the other stuff you need for flying kites. Came back with about 8 kites. A colleague of Mathew who is an expert at kite flying also joined us. Got back to the house in time for lunch.

After lunch we took the kids to the roof top and had a good deal of fun with the kites. The kids enjoyed themselves a lot. And so did we !!!

The kids - Mamli, Nikhil & Ananya

From left to right - Nikhil (Ravi's eldest son), Ananya (Mathew's Daughter) and Durgesh Nandini (My daughter). Getting ready for kite flying..

Mathew & Ananya with their kite

Mathew & Ananya with their kite...

Mamli's Kite

Durgesh Nandini's kite...

Mamli flying her kite

Durgesh Nandini flying her kite...

Ravi & Nikhil with their kite

Ravi & Nikhil with their kite.

Mathew showing Ananya how to tie a kite

Mathew showing Ananya how to tie a kite...

Bablu with the maid

Jyotiraditya with Sangeeta. He was sleepy that day and rather out of it...

Ravi with Dhruv

Ravi with Druvh, his second son.

Padmaja with Bablu

Padmaja & Jyotiraditya...

Padmja, Bablu, Vatshala & Druvh

Padmaja with Jyotiraditya and Vatshala with Druvh

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