Thursday, December 28, 2006

JXIRR - Excel Compatible XIRR Implementation In Java

I have released JXIRR 1.0.0 on my web site under the LGPL license. JXIRR is Microsoft Excel compatible, pure Java implementation of XIRR.

I wrote it for my personal use for tracking my investments. Do let me know if you download and use it.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Kenstar Microwave Oven + TMC & eZone Hyderabad

Yesterday afternoon Padmaja & I went to buy a new microwave oven to replace the old one. Drove down to TMC Begumpet and liked the Kenstar 31DCF Model. Cash price Rs 13,000/- Then we saw the previous model from Kenstar, 30 DCF with a price tag of Rs, 11,990/-. Not much difference between the two other than the capacity (31 lts vs 30 lts) and the exterior finishing. TMC offered us a Rs 500/- trade in for the old microwave oven. We decided to take the deal and I paid over the cash. TMC then told us that it would be delivered the next day and delivery would cost me Rs 50/-. We were pissed with that. Most stores offer free delivery and installation. Anyway, we decided to take the deal.

In the evening we took the kids to the new Mall in Banjara Hills, City Center. We walked into the new eZone store and saw the same Kenstar oven (31 DCF) on sale for Rs. 13,990/- with a Kenstar Karishma Food Processor free! Damn! Well, I called TMC and asked them to cancel my order. They initially tried to sell me a story of how this was a company offer that had been withdrawn and that eZone was somehow at fault. I called eZone and confirmed the offer and called TMC again. Spoke to a nice young man called Feroze Khan. He told me that if I could show him a invoice from eZone for this offer he would refund my money. But I would have to do it the same evening! Opps. It was 8.00 pm already :-(

Padmaja & I jumped in the car and drove to eZone. Verified everything, paid for the stuff and rushed to TMC in Begumpet. Feroze handed over the cash refund without further discussion. he did keep a photocopy of my eZone invoice.

Alls well that ends well! Padmaja has her new microwave and that food processor she has been eying for some time!

eZone has some great deals at this time. The store is new and their pricing is aggressive. Currently the best prices in Hyderabad. And their store reminds of of Best Buy & Circuit City.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Rs. 50/- Helmet Problem - Latest RTA (AP) Stupidity

I bought a Honda Activa for my wife yesterday. She uses an old Kinetic Honda to commute to work and the poor thing is on it's last gasp.

I picked up the cash to pay for the scooter and drove down to Pratul Honda in Raj Bhavan Road, Somajiguda, Hyderabad. Half way through the process of selecting the accessories and figuring out how much I owe the dealer, the lady who was working on my case called over another gentleman to explain the Rs. 50/- Helmet Problem.

This person sat down next to me and started talking about helmets and how they save lives. I heard him out for a few minutes and then told him that we always use helmets. Both Padmaja and I own helmets and don't drive the two wheelers (a scooter & a motorcycle) without helmets.

Well that didn't solve the problem. This gentleman then started talking about how I have to pay Rs. 50/- because a helmet is compulsory. Come again I asked. I already have a helmet. Why should I pay you 50 bucks?

Well, the money is for them to produce a false helmet receipt to the tune of Rs. 400/-. Yes, he actually told me that he would prepare a FALSE receipt if I pay him the 50 bucks.

And why do I need one? Because RTA, Hyderabad will not register my new scooter if I don't buy a helmet!

Yes that is right. They will not register your new two wheeler if you don't buy a helmet! Even if you already own a helmet!

I know the people who run governments in India are abysmally stupid but this takes the cake. The rider needs a helmet and as per the government's rules all riders must wear a helmet. Fine. Good. Excellent. But why must I buy a helmet for every two wheeler I own? The helmet is for my head and not for the two wheeler, you fools.

Well I refused to pay up. I have always been a sucker in these things. I see something stupid or somebody trying to squeeze money out of me for no logic or rhyme and I dig my heels in and say No! This foolishness on my part has landed my in delicate positions before but I refuse to give in to stupidity and cupidity.

Parliament Attack + Hang Mohammed Afzal

December 13.

The day Mohammed Afzal & his gang of terrorists attacked the Indian Parliament. No politicians were killed (shit!). Some security personnel lost their lives in the attack. The Indian government gave out medals to all those killed.

The relatives of the dead have now returned the medals. Because the man responsible for the death of their loved ones is still alive. Even after being awarded the death sentence by the Indian courts.

Would he still be sitting in death row sending mercy petitions to the President and courts if a politician had died in that attack?

Monday, December 11, 2006

BSE SENSEX Drops 400 Points on Dec 11, 2006

The 30 Stock BSE SENSEX crashed by 400 points (2.90%) today. Lead mostly by banking stocks following the recent RBI move to reduce liquidity in the market.