Monday, July 30, 2007

Create Slide Shows With Picasa Web Albums

Blogger Templates has a great online tool to help generate HTML code for Picasa Web Album based Slide Shows.  I am reproducing it here for my convenience. I have made a few small changes for posting here.


Installing a Picasa Slide Show In Blogger Or Other Web Page

Go to the album you want to display in Picasa Web Album.
Right-click on the  button and "Copy shortcut" (?).


     e.g. My Beautiful Album
       (You have to be logged in to your Blogger account)
6 Not at

      Get the code


This code is from Blogger Templates. Please visit their Picasa Slide Show Post to see the original. No copyright violation is intended.

[Update] - A link to this post has been added to the side bar.


javed said...

how to use online banking & what things & facilities are in online banking

Gautam Satpathy said...

Hello Javed,

I am not sure why you left this comment here but I will try to answer you question anyway.

With online banking you will have instant access to your savings account and can do the following:

1. Generate transaction reports
2. Pay bills like credit cards, utility (phone, electricity etc)
3. Transfer funds between accounts online
4. Create Service Requests like FD creation, new cheque books etc
5. Make online payments using payment portals. For example you can purchase Mutual Fund Units on HDFC Mutual Fund's web site or pay for items purchased on EBay.

This of course is not a complete list but should give you some idea of what online banking provides. I advice you to check out your bank's web site for full details.

swosti said...

Dear sir,
I am an Mohanty....working & staying near srinagar colony....i just want to know the details of oriya samaja at hyderabad...can u plz help me in this email id

Gautam Satpathy said...

Hello Swosti,

You can find the Kalinga Samaj details on my blog, What Ho!. The next function should be Ganesh Puja. Let me know if you want to know the program. I will add you to the mailing list that I maintain for this purpose.



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