Monday, December 31, 2007

Mobile Blogging - Opera Mini Issue

Yesterday I made a post to this blog via the Opera Mini browser on my SonyEricsson P1i. I accessed the Blooger Create Post page and used that to make the post. After typing the first two lines I decided to try uploading an image and clicked the Image toolbar button. The upload image page displayed properly but I was unable to upload an image. Then I canceled that page and returned to the create post page and continued typing. You can see that post here.

The post was successful. However this morning I found an "Draft" in my Blogger Posts page and it turned out to be a post with the first two lines I had typed before navigating to the image upload page.

Strange! I suppose this happened because of the Auto Save feature of Blogger. Not sure though. Will try to reproduce again when I have a minute.

Mobile Blogging - Blogger For SonyEricsson

I have finally managed to download and install the Blogger software for SonyEricsson and this is the first test post. The text entry area is single line on my phone! Makes it rather difficult to read what I am typing. Anyway let's see how this works.

Mobile Blogging - Opera Mini

This post is being made from the regular Blogger post editor accessed using Opera Mini.

Can I add images this way?

Clicking the image button on the toolbar does bring up the blogger add image screen but I was unable to do anything with it. The browse button is not clickable. Oh well.

Mobile Blogging - Posting from Gmail Mobile (J2ME)

This post is being sent as an email from the mobile Gmail client
(J2ME). Let's see how it comes out. I must delete the signature before
sending the email.

Opps! I had to fire up Opera Mini and access the
Gmail settings to remove the signature. Gmail mobile does not seem to
have any way to do this.

Sent from Google Mail for mobile |

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Mobile Blogging - Email to Blog

Text emails to my blog's post-to-blog-email address works like a charm. I added my personal email (non gmail) as an blog author in the permissions page and I am set!

The P1i's built in email software seems to run pragraphs together and this post is meant to test that. Let's see what happens.

The next test will be to use the mobile Gmail client (J2ME) to blog.

By the way, I am using WiFi for email on the P1i. I have WiFi both at home and at work.

The only thing missing from this email-to-blog is post categories. Ah well. Nothing is perfect.

Test of Mobile Blogging from my P1i

I bought a Sony Ericsson P1i in the beginning of Nov 07. One of the applications I had planned is mobile blogging. So far I havent had the time to try it out. Today I decided to check it out and see what i can do with the Sony Ericsson P1i.

I will post again about the results of the various experiments as soon as I am done.