Thursday, November 15, 2007

My New Sony Ericsson P1i

I traded in my old Nokia 6600 for a Sony Ericsson P1i. I was looking for a good business apps kind of phone for sometime and looked at a lot of options, including Nokia's E61i. Finally decided to splurge on the P1i and I must say I am pleased with my decision.

The P1i comes with a touch screen running at 240x320 resolution and a 1Gb memory card. The phone runs Symbian OS and works like a charm. The killer feature for me is WiFi support. I have a WiFi network at home and the phone works like a charm. We will be shifting to the main Oracle Campus from Raheja MindSpace in a few weeks and then I have will have WiFi at work too :-)

I use MobiPocket Reader on the phone for ebooks as well as RSS feeds from Economic Times and other favorites. The Windows XP version of MobiPocket can seamlessly download RSS feeds, convert to individual PRC files (one for each feed) and synchronize with my P1i over the USB cable. It should also work with BlueTooth & InfraRed but I haven't tried those yet. The USB cable and cradle is convenient and I haven't bothered with BlueTooth yet.

I also synchronize with Outlook for Calendar and Tasks (Oracle CollabSuite 10g). My personal mail ( is also setup on the phone along with the work email. Very easy to use. I don't have to fire up the laptop to check emails in the morning anymore :-)

I haven't tried any games etc on the phone yet. Haven't found anything interesting yet.

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