Wednesday, January 02, 2008

How much is your Religion Worth?

Most Hindus visit their neighborhood temple on a regular basis. Puja is done by the temple priest who uses the offerings brought by the devotee. Things like fruits, a coconut, insence sticks, flowers etc. The puja typically ends by the priest bringing out the aratii with the burning camphor for the devotees who after blessing themselves from the flames, put their offerings in the plate. This money typically goes to the priest and helps suplement their often meagre income.

How much do you give? How much is the priest's services worth to you?

I normally see small denomination coins in the thalli. With the odd 10 rupee note thrown in. I don't remember ever seeing anything higher than that. The hundies of the larger temples typically attract the 100 rupee notes. I don't know if any of the hundi money benefits the poor priests. I think not. It typically goes to the temple committee.

So, what is it worth to you?

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